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People ask us: What's in Enzogenol®?

Written by Dr Sarah Porteous on October 1st, 2015.      0 comments

Enzogenol® is a 100% natural pine bark extract made in New Zealand, right here in Paeroa. The bark is sourced from Pinus radiata trees from the Kaingaroa forest near Taupo. Using a Pure Water extraction process we make a highly concentrated extract of health beneficial compounds. It's rather like making a tea from the bark and then concentrating this to produce a powder that can be put in a capsule. Our Pure Water extraction method means just that; only water and pine bark are used in the extraction process so there's no chance of contamination with any nasty chemicals.

The health beneficial effects of Enzogenol® result from the complex mixture of plant compounds called flavonoids that are present in the pine bark and have natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective activities. Over 80% of Enzogenol® is composed of a particular group of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins (PACs). PACs are naturally an important part of the human diet and are found in fruits and vegetables, red wine, dark chocolate and tea.

One of the key health promoting benefits is the potent antioxidant activity. This activity is so important because many health problems and diseases are characterised by oxidative stress which is an imbalance between the generation of harmful free radicals and the body's natural antioxidant defences which can neutralise these. Oxidative damage contributes to many diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and the accumulation of oxidative damage plays an important role in the aging process. PACs from the pine bark have also been shown to reduce chronic inflammation associated with a large number of conditions including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and diabetes.

Enzogenol® has an excellent safety profile and there are no known interactions with other medications. Various Enzogenol® formulations have been used successfully since 1998 for many different health concerns by many thousands of people. Whether you are concerned about your child's attention and behaviour, your parents ageing brain, or your own cardiovascular or gut health, there is definitely an Enzogenol formulation that can help you be healthier!
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