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ENZOGENOL® - Effective Nutrition for a Healthy Brain, Gut and Heart
  • Supporting healthy brain activities for a calm, relaxed feeling
  • Supporting healthy stress response
  • Supporting healthy mental clarity and alertness
  • Supporting healthy brain energy
  • Supporting a healthy gut flora
  • Supporting healthy gut walls
  • Supporting healthy gut barrier function
  • Supporting a healthy Gut-Brain axis
ENZO-Brain-Recovery-(KF) 223h
  • Nutritional support for healthy brain function
  • Each capsule contains:
    • 200 mg Enzogenol®
    • 167 mg pure DHA
    • 33 mg pure EPA
  • 75 caps/bottle
  • Professional Strength Nutritional Support
  • Kids & Adults
  • 240 mg Enzogenol® per vegetable capsule,
    60 caps/bottle
kid in class
Enzogenol® for children
  • Supporting mental clarity, healthy focus & alertness
  • Supporting balanced mood
  • Supporting healthy social attitude
  • Antioxidant formula
  • Each capsule contains:
    • 120 mg Enzogenol®
    • 60 mg Vitamin C
    • 30 IU Vitamin E
  • 60 caps/bottle
ENZO Active Protein Shake Blueberry large-915-23

ENZO Active
  • Delicious Creamy Blueberry Shake
  • With real freeze-dried blueberry and golden kiwi-fruit powders
  • Each 30g serving covers:
    • One third daily protein needs as pure plant protein (16.2g)
    • One quarter daily fibre needs (7g)
    • 2.5x daily vitamin C needs
    • 5x daily vitamin D needs
    • 10x daily vitamin B12 needs
  • Provides a Super-Antioxidant mix with ENZOGENOL®, Blackcurrant Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Stilbenes
ENZO-Brain-Recovery-Box-Bottle-(KF) 240w
ENZO Brain Recovery
3-Month Supply
  • 6 bottles 75 caps/bottle
  • Each capsule contains:
    • 200 mg Enzogenol®
    • 200 mg pure Omega-3s
      • 167 mg DHA
      • 33 mg EPA
Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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