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ENZO Active Slim Protein Shake Blueberry

ENZO Active Slim Protein Shake Blueberry

ENZO Active Slim - Protein Shake - Creamy Blueberry is a delicious way of adding extra protein to your diet. Active Slim Protein Shake contains only plant-based protein from peas. It is formulated to provide one third of your daily protein needs in one serving without adding any extra calories from carbohydrates or fats.

Active Slim Protein is ideal for supporting a weight management program, an exercise program aimed at building lean muscle, or simply to add some extra protein if you are not taking in enough for your daily needs.

The addition of significant amounts of fibre, real organic blueberry and golden kiwifruit powder, vitamins C, D and B12, and a powerful antioxidant mix with  ENZOGENOL®, blackcurrant extract, grape seed extract, and resveratrol gives this protein shake unique health boosting qualities not found in any other protein shake.
ENZO Active Slim Protein Shake features:
  • High Protein (16.2g per 30g serve, plant-based, vegan)
  • High Fibre (7.0g per serve)
  • Extra vitamins & antioxidants
  • No added sugar, No artificial colours, flavours, sweetners
  • Dairy free, Gluten free, Refined sugar free
Made in New Zealand.

Recommended use for weight management:
3 shakes per day: 1st as breakfast, 2nd as satiety support during the day, 3rd as pre-dinner satiety support or after exercise.

Serving suggestion:
Shake up one serve with 250ml water or use a blender. ENZO Active Slim Protein Shake is delicious without any add-ons, but for extra nutrition add berries or banana and blend.
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