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Our supplements are scientifically formulated with our clinically tested ENZOGENOL® pine bark extract and other high-quality ingredients for sustaining brain and body health.

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what the scientists say:

The most striking difference participants showed was in everyday memory improvements. This is a major breakthrough!

Professor Valery Feigin, Auckland University of Technology


what the scientists say:

In our Enzogenol study we found improvements in two key memory faculties that decline with age. These improvements translated to about 7-12 years recovered in terms of an anti-ageing effect.

Dr Andrew Pipingas, Swinburne University

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what the scientists say:

There were improvements in performance in working memory only in the group taking the Enzogenol pine bark extract.

Professor Richard Silberstein, Swinburne University, Melbourne

look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

At ENZO we want to help people understand how good science and the right combination of natural ingredients can make a difference to their lives. Our products not only enhance your performance everyday but also shape your life story, playing a pivotal role in ongoing health and well-being.


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We select and source safe and effective natural ingredients from New Zealand and around the world. Our health and nootropic formulas support your lifestyle and help your body be at its natural best so you can live life to the fullest.


Neville was taken out by a car while riding his bicycle. He suffered horrendous injuries including severe brain trauma. A few months into his recovery someone said to me that Neville should try Enzogenol. So I looked into it and he tried it. Neville took 5 caps a day and after just two weeks, we started to notice a difference. His fatigue started to reduce. He stayed up longer and didn’t need to take so many naps. His thinking got better, he started to engage more, and his clarity was improving from day to day. His doctor and ACC were amazed at his improvement.

– Karen (Neville’s wife)

My 9 year old son has been taking the Relax & Focus Nootropic for a week and I have already noticed a change in his behaviour and attitude. He used to have intense emotional highs and lows through out the day but he is now feeling a lot calmer and has a more even temperament.
He keeps saying he’s happy which is so lovely for a mum to hear from her child who has experienced negative feelings a lot when things don’t go his way. I’m so pleased we have found your product and will continue using it for my son’s health and well being.
Thank you so much.

– Jess Bolten

Initially I was diagnosed with concussion and told to take a week off work. After one week nothing had improved and three months later I was still off work. Suffering from nausea, fatigue and headaches I slept much of the time. I couldn’t stand bright lights or loud noise, dropped things, couldn’t drive, lost word recall, couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t remember things. I knew about a pine bark extract, Enzogenol as my father had been taking it for a number of years and I started taking it. I threw out the prescription drugs and have been on four capsules of Enzogenol every day for the last nine years.

– Ruth Gorinski

At first, I didn’t realise I was concussed but after sleeping for two days, slurring my words and having ‘funny eyes’ I went to the hospital. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to be one of the 60 people who participated in a trial on Enzogenol pine bark extract. After just a couple of weeks on the trial there was a huge change. The difference was amazing – the clarity, the return of my memory – I felt happy and very positive. Being on the trial and having the opportunity to take Enzogenol was a lifesaver.

– Ronny Franks

The Enzo brain recovery nootropic (brain assist) has been a great addition to my supplement and diet. Over the years of being very active with sports and living life hard I have experienced several serious concussions. Since using brain recovery I have found a difference in my clarity of thought, mental relaxation and increased executive functioning. This coincided with being back at university studying psychology part time. I was never an exceptional student and knew this was to be a challenge. The use of the brain recovery has help me study in a much more productive, efficient and confident way. I can honestly say that brain recovery has had a huge affect on my cognitive function.

– Rodney O’Sullivan

I am in my late sixties and found I was getting very forgetful and feeling like my mind wasn’t clear which worried me. Started taking enzogenol nootropic it was not till I had used 3 bottles that I noticed a difference my mind is a lot clearer and I feel more alert and hope for more improvement. Thank you!

– Lyn Bates

A quick update for you, now that I have reached one month on Enzogenol Pine Bark Extract. I was pleasantly surprised to find that by the end of the first week, I was already not experiencing the extreme tiredness that would see me need to have a nap by 11.30am-midday. The other biggest difference is the mental fatigue and clarity. I’m not experiencing debilitating tiredness and feeling drained doing something like writing this email. Thank you for making this possible.

– Linda Ponsonby

I commenced taking two of your ENZO Professional Pine Bark capsules daily as a trial to see the effect on my failing eye-sight. I am only sighted in one eye which also has a cataract which was resulting in a dwindling reading ability. However, 5 or 6 months of this course with nothing else taken, has seen a dramatic improvement to the extent that I’m devouring books like it’s going out of fashion!

– Neil Shirley
pine bark extract supplements Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract Supplement

Enzogenol is a supplement, similar to Pycnogenol Pine Bark. It can improve the generation of blood flow and is a strong antioxidant, which ultimately acts as an energy boost in focus. The anti-inflammatory effect combats free radicals and results in less damage to tissue. Make sure your body achieves peak performance, physically and mentally, recover faster and reduce fatigue.

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