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ENZO health and nutrition products contain well researched ingredients with real health benefits supported by scientific evidence. We only select the highest quality ingredients for our products and create unique, health-promoting formulas that deliver support for your health where you need it.

New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, Enzogenol®

Our key ingredient, ENZOGENOL® pine bark extract, has been tested in numerous studies involving over 270 people. It is shown to support healthy brain and cardiovascular function. This Super-Antioxidant is several times more active than vitamin C, grape seed and other pine bark extracts. It is highly effective in promoting excellent anti-oxidant balance, critical for healthy ageing. ENZOGENOL® makes the ENZO formulas so effective. Click here to see areas of research.

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Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been known for centuries to promote great health and well-being. The green tea extract used in Gut Care provides a concentrated form of the beneficial polyphenols (EGCG and other catechins) present in the green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves.

These plant compounds have several health promoting effects in the gut including calming irritation and promoting a beneficial gut flora. Much research on the many health benefits of green tea polyphenols extends beyond the gut and includes the brain, heart, lungs, body weight, the immune system and more.

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Blueberry Extract

We source the highest quality, New Zealand-grown, organic blueberries for our Active Slim Protein Shake. These are freeze dried to remove only the water and preserve all the goodness of the whole berries. All the natural vitamins and minerals and the anthocyanins (see blackcurrant extract below) contained in the blueberries provide an effective nutrition boost to our protein shake, and help to give it its great blueberry taste.

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DHA & EPA Omega-3s

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are essential omega-3 fatty acids that we have to consume with our diet for our body to function properly. The particular high-DHA fish oil used in our Brain Assist is highly purified and always tested to be free from heavy metal contamination. DHA is an essential component of nerve cell membranes and very important for membrane fluidity in the brain. As we age the amount of DHA in the brain reduces and this can contribute to functional problems. Supplementing our diet with DHA helps to maintain healthy levels of DHA in our brain cells supporting healthy brain function as we age.

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Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate juice has been used traditionally to improve gut health. The concentrated extract used in Gut Care contains a high percentage of punicalagins and elagic acid, specific polyphenols from the whole pomegranate fruit that promote a calm healthy gut and a highly beneficial gut flora.

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Soy bean extract

The high consumption of soy products found in Asian countries, particularly in Japan, has been shown to benefit health in many ways, and contributing to a long life-expectancy. The extract is a concentrated form of the actives in the soy beans, mainly isoflavones including genistein, diadzein and glycitein. Their calming effects on gut cells are well researched and documented. Comparatively low rates of bowl diseases in Japan compared to many western countries, including New Zealand, are due to the differences in diet including the higher consumption of soy-based foods.

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L-Theanine is an amino acid present in green tea leaves. In its pure form, as used in our Relax & Focus formula, it has amazing calming properties and helps to relax our nerves and mind. A lot of science has shown how it benefits the brain with better mood, ability to cope with stress and sleep. It has been tested in children and in adults for behaviour, mood and attention benefits.

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B-Vitamins are used in our Relax & Focus formula because they can be low when we are particularly stressed or feel constantly afraid and concerned, or if we have problems with persistently low moods. B-vitamins are involved in the proper functioning of our nervous system and can help to calm nerves and help stabilize mood.

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Blackcurrant extract

Blackcurrants are definitely an amazing super-food and the blackcurrant extract in our Active Slim Protein Shake provides a highly concentrated form of the active plant compounds, called anthocyanins. These help our body’s antioxidant defences and our brain performance so we stay sharp and can recover quickly after physical exercise. Scientific research has shown many health effects of consuming anthocyanins including antioxidant balance, blood circulation, lipid levels, brain function, sport performance and more.

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Grape seed extract

Grape seeds extract contains monomeric and oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs) that are important components of plant foods for their antioxidant and other health promoting properties. Research has shown various benefits for the vasculature and blood circulation, as well as metabolic and weight management benefits. In our Active Slim Protein Shake the addition of grape seed extract perfectly complements the other plant-based health ingredients to provide a broad-spectrum antioxidant, weight management and gut health combination.

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Resveratrol is another member of the polyphenol family of plant-based health compounds that is naturally present in grapes and other plants. A huge amount of science has documented the many health promoting effects of resveratrol that have made it a favourite anti-ageing supplement. Benefits for glucose metabolism, the gut flora and weight management make resveratrol a great choice adding multiple health benefits to our Active Slim Protein Shake.

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Gold Kiwifruit – LIVAUX®

The freeze-dried gold kiwifruit powder used in our Active Slim Protein Shake provides digestive health benefits with a clinically tested pre-biotic effect for our gut flora. Particular bacteria often low in abundance in people with constipation or dysbiosis can recover in numbers and help to support a healthy, functional gut flora. The gold kiwifruits also provide natural vitamin C, minerals and fibre.

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Inulin Dietary Fibre

Inulin is a soluble dietary fibre made from chicory root. The amount in one serve of our Active Slim Protein Shake equals a quarter of our daily fibre need. This makes a great contribution to our digestive and general health. Sufficient fibre in our diet is absolutely critical for good health. Fibre is lacking in most people’s diet and its importance is vastly underrated. The fibre digested by our gut bacteria gives rise to butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids that enter our body and have important health benefits for immune- and inflammatory response, a healthy colon, and healthy weight maintenance.

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