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committed to wellness

At ENZO we want to help people stay fit and healthy in all of life’s phases. We provide effective natural health formulas that can play an important part in your families’ ongoing health and well-being.

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enzo for everyone

Whether you have health concerns, striving to stay well, or just wanting to boost your brain and body functions our natural health formulas will help you achieve your goal. ENZO’s products have helped many Kiwis feel a lot better and be healthy: kids struggling with focus in school, teenagers being overwhelmed by life, students grappling to stay on top, stressed-out mums and dads, grandparents needing a little brain support. There are good reasons for everyone to try the ENZO products. How you feel will make the difference.

no compromise on quality

We stand behind our products, and strive to deliver the highest quality possible. If there are any issues at all with our products, please contact us and we guarantee to fix them or give you your money back.

Top quality starts with the extraction of the ENZOGENOL® pine bark extract in our own facility in Paeroa, NZ, continues with the selection and careful sourcing of other high quality active ingredients, and using New Zealand manufacturing to the highest standards in Medsafe-audited and GMP-certified facilities.

Natural pine bark from pine trees
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smart in every way

All of our products are based on science. Only the best ingredients with scientific evidence supporting their efficacy will make it into our products. We think very hard about the formulations we offer to our customers. A lot of research goes into it to get the best results for your health and well-being. Only when your health benefits, is our job well done!

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