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ENZO Nutraceuticals

ENZO Nutraceuticals Limited is a New Zealand dietary supplement and functional food company. We produce and market health promoting nutritional products to the public and to medical professionals. We guarantee all our products have been formulated to be safe, efficacious, are supported by substantial scientific evidence, and are made in New Zealand.


Our key product is the ENZOGENOL® pine bark extract, which is an important component in many of our formulations. ENZOGENOL® is our own proprietary health ingredient that we have been producing since 1998.

This means that our ENZOGENOL® formulations contain our own ingredient, produced in our own facility in Paeroa, New Zealand. The fact that we are not just selling capsules, but actually make the active ingredient inside them, can give you the confidence of buying a high quality New Zealand product with a New Zealand made active ingredient. This also means that we guarantee the quality and activity of our ENZOGENOL® formulations with the greatest confidence: "We don't just sell you capsules, we make the active ingredient!"

We extract ENZOGENOL® from the bark of New Zealand-grown Pinus radiata trees using our specialized water-only method without any organic solvents or chemicals. This process extracts a broad range of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are present in the bark. These compounds are scientifically known as flavonoids with greater than 80% OPCs, a particular type of flavonoid with exceptionally high antioxidant activity and powerful health promoting properties.

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