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Nervous System and Brain Function: ENZO Relax & Focus is a brain support formula that helps to relax and calm the brain and nervous system, and supports healthy alertness and attention. Enzogenol® combined with L-Theanine provides a uniquely powerful combination of brain healthy actives supported by the complete B-vitamin group to support healthy stress management, a clear calm state of mind, and healthy focus and brain function. L-Theanine may also support healthy sleeping patterns.

Relax & Focus supports healthy brain balance that puts you into the sweet spot for healthy brain function:

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Gut Function: ENZO Gut Repair is a Pre-biotic providing specifically selected plant nutrients that can act on the cells in our intestinal walls and on the microbes present in our gut. This is in contrast to a pro-biotic which supplies specific bacteria. Providing bacteria by themselves, like most pro-biotics, is often only a temporary solution because our gut flora constantly shifts depending on the nutrients we ingest. Taking ENZO Gut Repair supports a general shift in the gut flora towards the dominance of a healthy microflora.
  1. Supports growth of healthy desirable microflora
  2. Supports a healthy gut environment and gut barrier function.
  3. Supports the health of gut-based immunity
Individuals that will benefit most from this nutritional support include those with concerns about their gut health due to sub-optimal gut flora and function. (Read more about the science behind ENZO Gut Repair.)
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Brain Function: ENZO Brain Recovery was specifically formulated to provide the correct dose level of Enzogenol® that effectively supports healthy brain function as shown in two randomised controlled nutrition trials at Auckland University of Technology and the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University, Melbourne. 1. Theodom et al. 2013, European J of Neurology; 2. Pipingas et al. 2008, Phytotherapy Research

Brain Aging: The formulation supplies two very important components for brain nutrition: Enzogenol® + DHA. Nutrition studies shown clear evidence that Enzogenol® and DHA help maintain healthy brain function as we age.
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Professional Strength Formulation: ENZO Professional is available from select Doctors, Clinics, Pharmacies and Health Food Stores with qualified health practitioners, and from ENZO Nutraceuticals. ENZO Professional is the strongest Enzogenol® formulation with 240 mg per capsule.
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ENZOGENOL for Kids: ENZO Professional is the formulation most used with children of all ages. ENZO Professional has been used by Doctors and naturopaths for many years to nutritionally support kids with clarity and alertness. For small kids (3-10 year olds) 1 capsule in the morning is sufficient to support healthy focus and activity levels. For older kids start with 1 capsule and increase to 2 capsules if needed. If swallowing capsules is a problem, pull the capsule apart and sprinkle the content on food, like mashed banana or a spoon of honey, or stir into a little hot water and add fruit juice. To read some feedback from Dr. Leila Masson, Specialist Pediatrition, and from a number of parents, please read more here!
Enzogenol120CE-Formulation-Logo small Antioxidant Power: Enzgenol® 120 + CE is ENZO's original "Super Antioxidant Formula". It was introduced in 1999 and is the longest standing Enzogenol® formulation available. With Enzogenol® at 120 mg per capsule and vitamins C and E this formulation delivers great health support benefits for the entire body.