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ENZO-Brain-Recovery-(KF) 223h

ENZO Brain Recovery - FAQs

Dose recommendations explained
Recovery Dose 5 caps/day:  Recovery of healthy brain function after sustaining a brain injury or suffering from sub-optimal brain functioning due to some condition affecting the brain. In this case we recommend to take 5 capsules/day as a single dose in the morning for at least 3 months. This is the first intensive high dose recovery period. After this period one can either continue on 5 caps if there is still the need for further recovery and room for functional improvement. Alternatively, you can dose down to 3 caps daily as a maintenance dose. If the recovery is complete and you are satisfied that you have gained your full brain function back you may discontinue taking the product.

General Health 2-3 caps/day:  Supporting the maintenance of healthy brain function if you feel that your brain function is mostly OK, but you are concerned about maintaining the health of your brain. Maybe, you had a health scare, are an older individual, or have dementia in your family, or you have cardiovascular issues that often lead to brain function problems later, or you may simply like to make absolutely sure that your brain keeps functioning optimally.

It is for you to decide where you fit in this spectrum. We always recommend that people that are not sure start at a lower dose, i.e. on 2 capsules, and build up the dose gradually to see how the product helps with their brain functioning, overcoming fatigue and supporting great brain energy. The optimal dose for each person depends very much on their individual physiology and current level of brain functioning.