Information on this Website

While we make all effort to keep our website up to date and error free, we will not be bound by incorrect information or prices. If we discover a mistake when processing your order we will contact you and seek consent to any change required.


Invoices are sent with the product or can be emailed to the customer.

Prices, Currencies, Order Country of Origin

For NZ, AU, US, CA, UK, and EU, all orders are charged at the price and currency of the country they originate from. For all other countries, products are charged in USD.

Shipping Destination & Order Country of Origin

Orders can only be shipped to the country where they originated, unless otherwise agreed to by ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd. For example, ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd cannot ship orders from a New Zealand customer to destinations overseas. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this condition.

Out-of-Stock Orders

If you order a product which is out of stock we will advise you and seek instructions.

Practitioner-Only Products / Accounts


Businesses and individuals may apply to open an account with us. In general, to be eligible for an account you must be a qualified practising health professional (including MDs, Naturopathic doctors/Practitioners, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Clinics, Pharmacies, Health Food Stores, or other similar retailer). ENZO Nutraceuticals reserves the right to check your account eligibility.

Practitioner-Only Policy

Practitioner-only products are only available to account holders. This policy is to protect the interests of our customers.

Not For Online Retail - Policy

Practitioner-only products are sold on the condition that they are not to be retailed online. Breach of this condition will result in ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd discontinuing supply of the product.

Login and Password

Please protect your login and password as you are responsible for orders placed under your login through this website.